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Dept. Of Tourisim.

Settling In

Getting the Condo Ready

eeePLEASE TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF AT THE DOOR, then take a quick tour.  Main light switch panels are on wall before kitchen and on the opposite wall.  Depending on time of year and if someone was there the week before you, you may or may not have to do the following.  Turn on the main water valve.  It is located in the mirrored closet in the living room on the top right, over the water heater.  Turn the white handle parallel to the copper pipe (to shut off, turn handle perpendicular to the pipe).

eee  Turn on the circuit breaker for the hot water.  It’s in the breaker panel located in the long hallway closet next to the washer/dryer. Flip circuit breaker #14 to the "on" position (takes ~15 minutes for water to heat). Set the thermostat to whatever you like. Open the balcony blinds open the sliding glass door facing the ocean, un-stack the chairs and tables (please remember how they stack so you can put them back when you leave). 

Getting The Balcony Ready

eeeWe usually put the 2 tall chairs and tall table on the left-side corner facing the ocean, 2 chairs and the short table on the right-side corner facing the ocean, the round table against the condo wall facing the street with 2 chairs facing the ocean, and the chaise lounge tucked in the ‘corner’ on the street side with the other small table. . but you do whatever you want.  There’s also a portable hammock in a blue carry case inside the mirrored closet that fits nicely all the way in the ‘back’ of the balcony nearest the 2 streets. 

That's it, you're done. Plop down somewhere and relax . . . that’s why you’re here!

Continued ...
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